Topless photos of Kate Middleton generate more online interest than royal wedding

Last April, Prince William finally married Kate Middleton.  For the many people following the royal couples’ relationship over the years, this was a big deal.  And there were many people:  the television broadcast of the wedding ceremony of the world’s most famous ‘fairy-tale’ couple attracted an estimated 300 million viewers worldwide.

Then, as these things usually go, the media attention died down and the world went on.

A little over a year into the marriage, Kate Middleton has made headlines again.  Like many celebrities before her, this time the celebrity princess has drawn the gaze of the public eye by having unsolicited, breast-baring photos taken of her.  To the dismay of the royal family, these photos have already generated much more interest – at least online – in Kate Middleton than during the peak of her engagement/wedding period.

What the chart below shows is that there was a surge of interest in Kate Middleton last year between mid-April to mid-June due to the royal wedding.  This was followed by a period where the level of internet interest in the new princess reverted back to the pre-wedding period and remained stable for about a year.  Then beginning in September 2012, online searches for ‘Kate Middleton’ started rising fast again. As of now, her name has been searched over twice as many times as last April, when she got married, and there is no sign that this story has hit its peak.

The above chart was produced using Google Insights, which allows users to analyze data on search terms used by visitors to Google’s search engine.  For information on how to interpret the graph:


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