Employment income of health care professionals in Canada (2010)

If you are a health care professional, chances are you are earning more money than your university-educated peers.  According to data from the National Household Survey conducted in 2011, people with a university degree who worked full-time for the full-year in 2010 earned a median of $66,663 through wages, salaries, and self-employment.  According to the survey, most professional health occupations had a higher median employment income.  Only chiropractors, dietitians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and “other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating” had a lower median employment income.

In most cases, women got paid less than their males peers in the same occupational category.  This pay gap was largest among the profession that requires the most education:  specialist physicians.  While the median employment income of male specialist physicians was $144,072, it was $107,006 for their female counterparts.

The income statistics were not worse for women in every health care profession: women nursing co-ordinators and supervisors, and optometrists actually had a higher median employment income than their male counterparts.

Median employment income of persons with professional occupations in health in 2010
Both Sexes   Male   Female
All occupations $66,663 $73,330 $60,604
          Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors $74,945 $72,394 $75,182
          Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses $72,229 $76,305 $71,947
          Specialist physicians $130,261 $144,072 $107,006
          General practitioners and family physicians $124,929 $128,265 $114,016
          Dentists $120,306 $125,502 $100,744
          Veterinarians $82,186 $95,312 $74,221
          Optometrists $95,005 $94,161 $95,707
          Chiropractors $58,268 $59,818 $52,994
          Allied primary health practitioners $90,682 $94,176 $90,223
          Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating $47,861 $56,299 $46,160
          Pharmacists $97,909 $101,853 $95,409
          Dietitians and nutritionists $64,254 $65,854 $64,094
          Audiologists and speech-language pathologists $69,709 $75,927 $68,662
          Physiotherapists $67,416 $71,994 $66,129
          Occupational therapists $64,541 $70,009 $64,060
          Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment $42,446 $44,912 $41,326

Source: National Household Survey, Statistics Canada, 2011


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