Health care professional income in Ontario in 2010

The employment income statistics for physicians was higher in 2010 than in 2006; however, they are still nowhere near the figures used by Deb Matthews, Ontario Health Minister, to describe the earnings of physicians in Ontario.

The table below shows the median employment income of  reported by individuals in the National Household Survey.  Employment income includes incomes from wages and salaries, as well as self-employment income.

Interestingly, the median income of specialist physicians ($128,241) was lower than that of general practitioners and family physicians ($129,285).  This was a result of the much lower employment income reported by female specialist physicians ($91,317), who had a lower median employment income than their female counterparts who were family and general physicians ($112,609).

Median employment income of persons living in Ontario with occupations in health in 2010
Both Sexes   Male   Female
          Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors $73,097 $68,400 $73,495
          Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses $72,259 $75,900 $71,991
          Specialist physicians $128,241 $143,700 $91,317
          General practitioners and family physicians $129,285 $140,725 $112,609
          Dentists $124,815 $131,074 $100,743
          Veterinarians $83,266 $96,841 $75,467
          Optometrists $104,212 $109,735 $98,800
          Chiropractors $57,973 $58,980 $52,161
          Allied primary health practitioners $90,804 $84,856 $90,868
          Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating $52,486 $61,190 $47,825
          Pharmacists $99,601 $102,113 $97,245
          Dietitians and nutritionists $67,752 $72,287 $67,742
          Audiologists and speech-language pathologists $73,831 $77,512 $73,535
          Physiotherapists $70,807 $75,112 $68,814
          Occupational therapists $70,190 $71,801 $70,116
          Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment $39,589 $41,617 $39,414

Source: National Household Survey, Statistics Canada, 2011. 


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