When do people get married?

I got married this year at the end of April.  According to the wedding venue,  the date we had chosen was approaching their peak season – which begins in May.  Because we did not have our wedding during peak season, we were able to save a few hundred dollars off the rental fee for the venue and even more for special off-season dinner packages.

The trade-off for having a wedding off-season, of course, is that the weather outside is less likely to be nice enough for an outdoor wedding.  We wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but we were worried that the temperature would be too cold and/or that we would be a victim of a last hurrah from “April showers”.  Fortunately, the clouds cleared up right before our matrimony and we were able to have the sunny outdoor wedding that the bride wanted.

I was curious to see how people decide when to have their wedding, so I extracted some data from the government of Ontario open data initiative.  Not surprisingly, many people chose the summer months to have their wedding.  However,  I was surprised to see that a large portion of couples (about 1 out of 5) decided to have their wedding in September and October, when the temperature starts to get chilly.


Source: Ontario Government Open Data Initiative, 1927-2010.


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