What is the blog about?

In this blog, I hope to present brief interpretations of good data to speak to questions I – and I hope others – find interesting.  Generally, these posts will aim at tackling commonly held beliefs and claims about social and economic issues.  I live in Canada, so most of the content will have a Canadian focus.

Who are you?

I am new to blogging and am just testing out the waters to see whether there is any interest in these types of blogs.  My graduate education is in sociology and I have published and presented on social, economic, and demographic topics.  I am currently 26.

I want to post as frequently as possible, but I do have a full-time job, so I can’t put in as much time into each post as I would like.    As a result, the quality of some posts  may suffer.  Please let me know if you find any mistakes in any of my posts.


I love comments and questions, so please post any that you have!  Its the only way I know whether or not I am completely wasting my time.


The views in this blog are not those of the organizations from which the data is taken.


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