I think there is a mistake in your post.

If you see a number or statement that doesn’t seem to make sense, it is very possible it is a mistake on my part.  Let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible!

Why don’t the %s not  add up to a 100%?  Why don’t the individual cells in the table add up to the total?

If the discrepancy is small, it is most likely due to rounding.

Why do you have 0 (%) for some cells? Does this mean there really isn’t anyone who has that attribute/participate in that activity/etc.?

There are a number of possibilities for zeroes or 0%s:
1)      I made a mistake copying the data from another source (please let me know if you think this is what happened!)
2)      The source made a mistake (very unlikely in most cases)
3)      The 0 is due to rounding
4)      It really is a 0.  Sometimes these this can do with how the survey/administrative source is designed (i.e. it doesn’t cover certain groups of people).  Sometimes this can be because there really just aren’t any people with that attribute, etc.


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